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Kuma Sutra's Hottest Sexual Positions

Many people believe the Kama Sutra (written about 350 A.D. in Indiaís Golden Age) is just a sex manual. Not so.

The Kama Sutra was written as a manís guide to life, covering every stage. However, the sexual positions found in the Kama Sutra are there to instruct the man on the correct and most efficient way to approach his sexual life.

There are various positions explained, and fall into many categories of laying, sitting, rear entry, standing, and various exotic positions for the especially sexually active man.

Strangely enough, the three positions explained below are really very modern and each, if performed correctly, will stimulate the g-spot in the woman, as well as her clitoris for atomic sex and nuclear orgasms.

The Best Laying Position

Indrani. This will take some practice, but once perfected will bring the couple a lifetime of mutual enjoyment.

On a firm bed, or a futon, the woman starts in a semi-setting position supporting herself by her outstretched arms slightly behind her. She then raises both legs till they almost touch her breasts. The womanís feet can rest or be referenced at her loverís arm pits, or have her legs bent, so her feet rest on her thighs.

The woman will adjust her buttocks so she fully exposes her vagina and makes entrance for the man direct. The man will kneel in front of her, with his left leg wrapped around the womanís buttocks and his right leg slightly bent behind him. He enters the woman, and finds a deep and direct penetration.

The man will be able to rest his arms on the womanís shoulders, or fondle her breasts. With her legs wide open now, the man begins rhythmic thrusting, sometimes deep, sometimes shallow, but following a slow and deliberate drum beat rhythm. In about 17 to 20 minutes, the woman will experience an almost cosmic orgasm, with slow but seismic spasms.

The Best Sitting Position

The Buzzing Bee. Of all the Kama Sutraís positions, this one will give the woman the absolute lead, she is making love to the man. The basic position is not difficult, and is a clever variation of the woman-on-top position.

The man will sit on a firm bed, or the floor (on a futon), supporting his torso with his arms, his legs widely open and knees bent. His lap is exposed, and his erection firm and in an upright tilt. The woman then sits upon him, but her legs over his. She will sit directly on his penis, and it will enter at a maximum depth.

There is no thrusting, but the woman will revolve around and dig her pubic area firmly into the manís. There is very strong clitoral and g-spot stimulation, and the woman can even control the stimulation by her revolutions and grinding movement. Orgasm quickly arrives to the woman, and not only once, but this position is well-known to produce multiple orgasms. Once tried, it will quickly become a coupleís favorite pose.

The Best Rear-Entry Position

Hastika The Elephant.

The woman will lie on her side, supporting herself with one arm, and she will look back to see the man kneeling in front of her buttocks and exposed vaginal area. The man, on his knees, and with her legs behind him, penetrates the woman.

He rests one hand on her buttocks of the left leg, and uses the other arm and hand to adjust her position, raising slightly her left leg. He then begins a strong and rhythmic trust, slow and profound. He uses the weight of his legs and buttocks during the thrust, which can have a short extra push at full penetration. This will drive the tamest woman wild.

Orgasm will come swiftly and with Richter scale rating.

By: Sacha Tarkovsky